How Ronan Farrow spends his Sundays: “I inherited some weird snacking preferences from my mom.”

From a New York Times story by Paige Darrah headlined “How Ronan Farrow Spend His Sundays”:

Ronan Farrow, the investigative journalist who most recently took a deep dive into the Britney Spears conservatorship case for The New Yorker with Jia Tolentino, is usually not described as laid-back. But these days he certainly looks it. “I think the phrase you’re searching for is ’90s boy band,” Mr. Farrow said about growing out his hair, which is usually groomed to a State Department-ready length. “Wasn’t the intention, but seems to be the result.”

Boy-band locks aside, Mr. Farrow has been all business as of late, churning out several remix projects, including the HBO documentary series “Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes,” which will have its premiere on Monday. And last month, Mr. Farrow updated “War on Peace,” his 2018 book on the decline of American diplomacy. The book is dedicated to his mother, the actress Mia Farrow, with whom Mr. Farrow and his fiancé, the podcaster Jonathan Lovett, lived in Connecticut for six months during the pandemic.

Now back in the city, Mr. Farrow, 33, is setting up the new Lower East Side condo he sometimes shares with Mr. Lovett, 38, who travels back and forth from Los Angeles….

SOMETHING’S FISHY As long as I wasn’t on frantic reporting calls until 3 a.m., as is sometimes the case on Saturday night, I’ll often take a late-morning walk to this food court near me and get the smelliest smoked fish possible, ideally prepared via some Scandinavian recipe that requires it be hidden under a rock for six months. That is my jam.

THANKS, MOM As for a standard, any-hour-of-the-day snack, I grew up eating cottage cheese with King Oscar brisling sardines. They’re smaller than the nonbrisling variety. I inherited some weird snacking preferences from my mom. So I still do that while I’m cranking away on reporting stuff. Grosses Jonathan out.

DOSE OF TOLSTOY Even if I’m not on the work side of things, the schedule kind of stays the same on weekends. Biggest difference: The frenetic writing is replaced with reading and video games. Love video games, big nerd here. I read on my phone. Even that small amount of preplanning a tablet requires, I don’t have the foresight. Normally I buy the Audible package, sync up and try to quell waves of panic that I’m not better-read in key areas. The most recent went, like, “Ahhh, I’ve barely read any Russian literature!” Though I was a Kafka nut as a teenager. So now I’m halfway through Maggie Gyllenhaal’s reading of “Anna Karenina.” Which is long.

CHANGE OF SCENERY I’d always been an uptown boy. Upper West, followed by five years in that 10th Avenue no man’s land just above Hell’s Kitchen while I was a news anchor and had to be at Rock Center in Midtown….I’m setting up my relatively new apartment now, and I am exploring the resuscitating Lower East Side that’s very young and kind of straight and fratty, which is interesting. Nevertheless, I thought it was time for a change of scenery.

ACADEMIC CHIC When I set about decorating a new place, my first instinct is something like a dusty professor’s atelier. Took me seven years, but I did get a Ph.D. from Oxford. Which is just this incredible place….Point is, seems I emerged from said experiences loving dusty old libraries. Jonathan saw these antique astrolabes, books, schematics and maps I was assembling and said, “This looks like a Victorian explorer’s lodge. Why?” Adding, “Gay people live here, make it gayer.” Compromises of late: Instead of a brown motorcycle-leather couch, it’s a velvety indigo couch; where one map has come down, a Jonathan Adler sequined rainbow has gone up.

MATERIAL BOY One photo that’s definitely going up in this new apartment: an 8-by-10-inch glossy of Madonna in full cleavage-y glory that accompanied a letter she mailed me when I was 6. The year previous, Madonna had hung out with me a lot on a set in Queens where she was playing a trapeze artist in a movie with my mom, teaching me to roll down her fishnet stockings, so I learned that I was not straight. At that point she hadn’t yet had kids and clearly wanted kids….

GAME ON So, honestly, the video game thing is real. Mostly, when I’m not reading on my phone, I’m playing. Especially right before bed. Right now I’m finishing Disco Elysium, this verbose role-playing game in a funky, ’70s Soviet setting. I also love Mario Kart.

CRAVINGS, SATISFIED But when I’m in crazy deadline mode, Jonathan says I jackhammer away on my particularly noisy MacBook keyboard, drafting from bed at all hours. On Sunday nights especially, I order lots of delivery. The other Sunday I searched for a big thing of beet juice and nonsaucy chicken wings on UberEats that arrived around midnight. Eventually I’ll sleep for four hours or something, from dawn to late morning.


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