“Why You Always Need to Carry a Notebook”

From a post by Robert MacMillan headlined “Why you always need to carry a notebook”: It’s part of a longer post by Edmund Lee headlined “The Paparazzi Theater of Sun Valley”:

I and Ken Li, at the time my competitor and once-and-future colleague, were catching a smoke behind the building where they hold the sessions. I don’t remember its name. We had a view of an unremarkable parking lot. Nothing much was happening until Ken spied a guy walking across it alone.

“Rupert,” Ken said. (As in Murdoch.)

We hustled after him and began asking questions about something that was important then and forgotten now. I realized I had a pen but no paper. I took Rupert’s quotes on my palm. I’m still not sure what he said, but Ken and I agreed on what it must have been.

Anyway, notebooks. Keep them on you.

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