But Most Journalists Seem to Like Living in Big Cities…

From an article on psypost.org by Eric W. Dolan headlined “Psychopathic tendencies linked to reduced connectedness to nature and a preference for city living”:

People who feel less connected to nature tend to have heightened levels of psychopathic personality traits, according to new research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. The study also found that individual who exhibit more dark personality traits prefer to reside in urban areas rather than suburban or rural areas.

“Our relationship with nature is a well-documented and timeless experience that is becoming increasing strained due to fast-paced living, hectic life schedules, and an emphasis on convenience,” said study author Dean Fido, MSc Forensic Psychology Programme Lead at the University of Derby.

“However, what we do know about individuals with high degrees of connection with nature is that said individuals are often healthier, have better perceptions of themselves and their body, show greater levels of empathy towards others, and importantly, report fewer instances of stress, anxiety, and depression.”…

Fido and his colleagues found that individuals who scored higher on the measure of dark personality traits tended to prefer living in a city over living in suburban or rural areas. In addition, the researchers found a negative relationship between nature connectedness and psychopathy among both male and female participants. In other words, those with heightened psychopathic traits were less likely to agree with statements such as “My relationship to nature is an important part of who I am.”

The researchers replicated their findings in a second study, which included another 235 adults from the United Kingdom….

The findings are mostly in line with a 2018 study, which found that U.S. residents with heightened levels of psychopathic traits had a preference for city-living….

The study, “Examining the connection between nature connectedness and dark personality“, was published December 2020.

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