New Editor at The New York Post Bets on the Web and Celebs

From a New York Times story by Katie Robertson headlined “Murdoch’s Pick to Run The New York Post Bets on the Web and Celebs”:

Rupert Murdoch took a top editor from his brash and conservative London tabloid, The Sun, and put him in charge of his brash and conservative New York tabloid, The New York Post.

Keith Poole, a 44-year-old Englishman who remade The Sun’s website in recent years, started as The Post’s newsroom leader on March 22. Since then, most people on the staff have yet to hear from him….

He had lunch with Emily Smith, the longtime editor of The Post’s gossip franchise, Page Six, but has yet to host an all-hands video call to say hello to the staff, which has been working remotely, or send an email greeting….

Mr. Poole effectively replaced Col Allan, an Australian tabloid specialist who retired in March after more than 40 years at Murdoch papers.

Mr. Poole has more experience in attracting online readers than his predecessor. Before joining The Sun as its digital editor in 2016, he helped make The Daily Mail’s U.S. website a must-read for followers of celebrity gossip….

A former colleague said Mr. Poole does not fit the stereotype of the gruff, boisterous tabloid editor.

“Keith is charming and has that British wit about him,” said David Martosko, a former U.S. political editor at The Daily Mail who is now a senior content executive at Zenger News. “More people in our business should adopt his collaborative editing style.”

His responsibilities include not only the now-profitable New York tabloid that Mr. Murdoch pulled out of bankruptcy in the 1990s but also the larger New York Post Group. That includes the Post Digital Network, which is made up of the paper’s website, a separate website for Page Six, the entertainment site and the ad company Post Studios.

Mr. Poole…arrived in New York after most of the Post staff had been working from home for more than a year. At least eight of The Post’s journalists have left recently, including the White House correspondent Ebony Bowden and the Page Six editorial director Maggie Coughlan.

Mr. Poole…worked at The Daily Mail from 2003 to 2016, spending part of that time in New York as the managing editor of its U.S. website, Within two years of going to work for Mr. Murdoch at The Sun, he had transformed its website into the biggest online brand in Britain….

In a 2018 interview, Mr. Poole said he focused on five key areas: news, celebrity, soccer, money and women’s lifestyle….

Under Mr. Allan, The Post specialized in celebrity news and city coverage while also championing former President Donald J. Trump and attacking his rivals. Under Mr. Poole, the paper has kept its focus on celebs and liberal villains, as the April 16 front page suggested. The left side showed Jennifer Lopez in a revealing costume under the headline, “Inside J-Rod’s Breakup.” On the right, a headline blasted Democrats: “PACK RATS. Backlash as Dems try to take over Supreme Court.”

Katie Robertson is a media reporter. She previously worked as an editor and reporter at Bloomberg and News Corporation Australia

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