Marty Baron Is Writing a Book About Trump, Bezos, and the Future of Journalism

From a Washington Post story by Ron Charles headlined “Former Washington Post editor Martin Baron is working on a book about Trump, Bezos, and the future of journalism”:

Former Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron — who inspired the Catholic Church’s ire and a president’s rage — is working on his first book.

Baron’s publisher, Flatiron, announced that “Collision of Power: Trump, Bezos, and The Washington Post” will be part memoir and part investigation “into the confluence of political and technological power and what that portends for the press and how it exercises its own power in American democracy.”

Baron served as executive editor of The Washington Post from 2013 till this February, when he retired. His tenure marked a dramatic turnaround for the paper, which was purchased from the Graham family in 2013 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for $250 million….

Baron had been running The Post for less than a year when the Grahams shocked the industry by selling the legendary Washington-focused paper to Bezos. The founder of Amazon said he wanted to stay out of editorial decisions but would give Baron “runway” — the financial support to experiment and broaden the paper’s reach. With that infusion of fresh capital, Baron dramatically increased the staff — from 580 to more than 1,000 by 2021. Online readership soared during the tumultuous Trump administration.

As executive editor of The Washington Post, Baron sometimes clashed with the president, who objected to the paper’s coverage of his businesses, his family and his presidency. In 2016, when Trump revoked press credentials for Post reporters, Baron callrd the move “nothing less than a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press. The Post will continue to cover Donald Trump as it has all along — honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically, and unflinchingly.”

The Post won 10 Pulitzers under Baron, one in 2017 for exposing deceptive claims Trump made about his charitable giving.

Before taking command of The Post, Baron worked for the Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. While serving as editor of the Boston Globe in the early 2000s, the paper won a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation of a sex abuse scandal involving the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. In 2015, Liev Schreiber played Baron in “Spotlight,” the Academy Award-winning movie about the investigation….

When he announced his retirement in February, Baron sent a memo to staff saying, “From the moment I arrived at The Post, I have sought to make an enduring contribution while giving back to a profession that has meant so much to me and that serves to safeguard democracy.”

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