Advice for the Next Generation of Journalists: “Spend Time in as Many Departments as You Can”

From a post on headlined “E&P’s 25 Under 35: The Next Gen of News Professionals”:

Bradley Waters, 34
President and publisher, Rome Sentinel Co.
Rome, N.Y.
Education: St. John Fisher College, bachelor of arts, communication, journalism, and business management

What advice do you have for other young professionals in the news industry?

Find a way to spend time in as many departments as you can. Understanding how other departments work within an organization gives you a better understanding of workflow, task management, all while positioning yourself for growth. As a reporter, shadowing an editor/copywriter may help a writer understand their deadline pressure and copy requirements. Shadowing a webmaster may prep you for multimedia reporting.

Specialists rarely exist in news organizations business models. The more you can bring to the table, the more likely you will be hired, and the more likely you will experience growth within a company. As an operator, this holds true as well. When staff see an operator in the weeds learning their job from them, staff tend to open up more and respect operational changes.

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