Winners of ACES Headline Writing Contest

From a post on headlined “ACES Announces Headline Contest Winners”:

ACES: The Society for Editing announced the winners of the 2020 National Headline Contest. The organization’s contest aims to reward exceptional headline writing in all types of media.

The winners each submitted multiple headlines. The complete list of winners and a sampling of headlines are below.


National News Organization
1st: Panfilo (Ponch) Garcia, The Washington Post, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “The Fashion World’s Shattered Model”
2nd: Marc Olson, Los Angeles Times, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “AI Use in Medicine is Raising Worry Over Risks for Patients”
3rd: Dave Bowman, Los Angeles Times, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Graze Anatomy, Herd Mentality”

Regional/Local News Organization
1st: Zach Tegler, Omaha World-Herald, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Making Dough, Then Raising Some”
2nd: Khari Williams, CQ Roll Call, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Chairs Starting to Hold Less Weight”
3rd: Zack Aldrich, The Portland Press Herald, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “For New Restaurateurs, Extra Salt in the Wound”
Honorable Mention: Ashley Winchester, Hearst Connecticut Media, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Pomp, Despite Circumstance”


National News Organization1st: The New York Times, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Fireflies Have a Mating Problem: The Lights Are Always On”
2nd: Dallas Morning Times, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Newest Diamond Snags Biggest Gem”
3rd: Los Angeles Times, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Life in Slow-Mow”

Regional/Local News Organization
1st: Roll Call, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Put your mask where your mouth is”
2nd: Omaha World Herald, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “New birders shouldn’t just wing it”
3rd: Daily Herald, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Room to Spare: Bowling Centers Not Happy with State’s Reopening Plan”
Honorable Mention: Hearst Connecticut Media, “The City That Sleeps: Normally Loud, Bustling NYC Quieted by Virus”

Student Publication

1st: The Baylor Lariat, SAMPLE HEADLINE: “Local Photographers Develop Positives Amid Coronavirus Negatives”

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