The Washington Post Style Invitational Asked for Tweaked Book, Movie, and Song Puns

From the Washington Post’s Style Invitational—readers were asked for book, movie, or song puns; the contest then asked for them to be “collaborations” resulting in a tweaked name. Some of the best:

If Vicki Lawrence handed her song to Stacy Abrams, she’s sing The Night the Right Went Out in Georgia. —Eric Nelkin

If Cecil B, DeMille had gotten script input from Bill Clinton, he would have made The Nine Commandments. —Jeff Contompasis

Sean Connery could have starred with Rudy Giuliani in The Hunt for Red November. —John Klayman

Bob Dylan with Donald Trump: Bellowin’ in the Wind. —Steve Glomb

Linda May Alcott with Donald Trump: Belittle Women. —Sam Mertens, Scott Straub

J.D. Salinger and Washington Post Fact Checked Glenn Kessler: The Catcher in the Lie. —Steve Leifer

Martin Scorsese could do a documentary of the White House: Malice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. — Adie Pena, Howard Walderman

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