Eckhart Tolle: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Thinking About the Past and the Future

From a post by Eckhart Tolle in the WSJ Magazine that asked writers to talk about finding balance in their lives:

“My life improved immeasurably when I was able to find a balance between living in the past, remembering the past, thinking about the past and thinking about the future.

The temporal dimension of consciousness, which is what I call it, has a downside if there is an excess of preoccupation with past and future. This has happened to the majority of people on the planet now. It results in living with grievances, guilt, resentment, regrets and so on. Even more important, if there’s an excess of preoccupation with the future, that results in fear, anxiety and worry.

In this moment, for example, I’m sitting here looking at the sky, at the trees swaying back and forth in the wind. I feel the energy inside my body. My attention is in the now.”

Tolle is the bestselling author of books including The Power of Now and A New Earth.

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