Hamilton Nolan: “Let’s join hands in a great circle around the institution of the British monarchy and burn it to the ground.”

By Jack Limpert

All the men I talk with show little interest in Meghan and Harry and their break with the British royal family, while the women I know seem fascinated by it. For the male point of view, see this New York Times column by Hamilton Nolan. The opening grafs:

A recent interview you may have heard about revealed that the British monarchy is a toxic den of backbiting and racism. And who would doubt it? There is nothing easier to believe than that an institution created to be the physical embodiment of classism is awash in inhumanity. Where the public response to this humdrum revelation has gone astray is in the widespread conviction that we should make the monarchy better. Not at all. You cannot turn a bottle of poison into a refreshing drink, no matter how much sugar you pour into it.

A just and proper response to what we have learned would be for the entire United Kingdom to come together, join hands in a great circle around the institution of the monarchy and burn it to the ground, while singing “Sweet Caroline,” to maintain a positive spirit. Then the members of the royal family can sweep up the ashes and deposit them neatly in the bin, a ceremonial beginning to a new life of working for a living….

Hamilton Nolan is a writer for In These Times, a progressive magazine.

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