Blue Skies Smiling at Me

Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies do I see
Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds all day long

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you’re in love, my, how they fly

Blue days, all of them gone
Nothing but blue skies from now on

—Irving Berlin


  1. John Corcora, Jr. says

    It seemed like a preposterous idea at the time. Take a scruffy outlaw known for his C&W chops, reedy voice and his country backup band, give him a new, jazz-based bandleader and organ soloist named “Booker T” and have them record old pop standards. What could go wrong? Nothing, as it turned out, and Willie Nelson’s “Stardust” album raced to the top of the charts and is remembered as perhaps his best album ever.

    One of the hits, Willy’s take on “Blue Skies.”

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