From the Washington Post 50 Notable Books of Nonfiction

A portrait of a first lady who has been as willing as her husband to break the mold — and the rules — written by a reporter for The Washington Post.

The Pulitzer Prize winner, a former Washington Post reporter, grippingly recounts the rise of the surveillance state and his often thwarted attempts to investigate it.

The Washington Post media columnist exposes the repercussions of the erosion of local news, from polarized communities to a lack of government oversight.

Rage,” by Bob Woodward

Woodward, an associate editor at The Washington Post, followed his best-selling “Fury” with this tell-all that incorporates 18 on-the-record interviews with President Trump that the president conducted against the advice of his staff.

Two Washington Post reporters take readers inside the president’s war with his own advisers.

The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning nonfiction book critic tries to make sense of Donald Trump’s rise to power with a self-administered syllabus of 150 books that claim to capture our current political moment.

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