The Joy—and Cost—of Reading Real Newspapers

By Jack Limpert

A message from the New York Times—“It’s subscribers like you who make our journalism possible”—says that after 2/28/21 my home delivery subscription rate will increase from $20 a week to $22.50 a week.

That’s $1,170 a year for getting the Times tossed into my Washington, D.C., front yard  at 6:30 every morning.

Also tossed from the speeding SUV every morning is the Washington Post, which costs $50.11 a month or $582 a year.

The Wall Street Journal also is thrown into the front yard six days a week (not on Sunday) at a cost of $45 a month or $540 a year. (In the old days, the three papers may have arrived at different times—remember people who walked along the street saying hello and delivering your paper?—but now one delivery service handles all the newspapers.)

$1170 for the Times plus $582 for the Post plus $540 for the WSJ—that’s $2,292 a year for the pleasure of sitting on the back porch every morning with the cup of coffee and Cruiser the dog while reading three great newspapers.

I suspect my wife Jean, who manages the family money, has been tempted to say that I could save a lot of money by just reading everything online, as she does. We’ve been happily married for 45 years—she just lets me enjoy reading the papers.

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