The Nation’s Three Media Centers Were Decisive in Electing Joe Biden

Journalists—especially the columnists—in DC, New York, and LA have been a little quick to say “the country has spoken” and let’s move on.

In the nation’s capital—DC and the adjoining counties in Maryland and Virginia—Biden won with 1.5 million votes to Trump’s 300,000.

In DC itself, Biden got 270,000 votes to Trump’s 15,000.

In Los Angeles County, Biden got 2.6 million votes to Trump’s 1 million, a Democratic margin of 1.6 million.

Add Biden’s margin in New York City and you can make the case that the nation’s three media centers provided Biden with most of his margin of victory.

All this suggests that journalists shouldn’t risk setting off  lots of b.s. detectors by overdoing “the country has spoken” story line.

Looking at it another way: Joe Biden is leading President Trump by 4.4 million votes. In California, Biden is leading by 4.5 million votes, thus Trump is leading in the rest of the country by about 100,000 votes.


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