Susan Orlean: “She wanted to own a German shepherd of her own.”

From The Writer’s Almanac:

Today is the 65th birthday of journalist and writer Susan Orlean, born in Cleveland in 1955. She spent two years writing a book about a group of orchid poachers in South Florida. That book, The Orchid Thief, became an international best-seller and was later made into a 2002 film starring Meryl Streep.

Orlean’s first book was Saturday Night (1990), a nonfiction account of how people across America spent their Saturday nights. Her other books include The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup: My Encounters with Extraordinary People (2001) and Rin Tin Tin: The Life and Legend (2011), about the legendary Hollywood German shepherd. When she was a child, Orlean’s grandfather kept a Rin Tin Tin figurine on his desk and she ached to play with it, and to own a German shepherd of her own.

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