Nicole Krauss on Writing: “I am seeking the moment of change, even transformation.”

The Wall Street Journal Magazine asked writer Nicole Krauss to weigh in on the subject of conviction:

As a writer, I’m less interested in conviction than the breakdown of belief. The moment that draws you most powerfully into my characters’ lives is when they realize they’ve been wrong about something their entire lives. They have to admit to themselves the possibility of another way of being, of thinking, even of living.

I am seeking the moment of change, even transformation, that has to begin with a difficult dissolution. That uncertainty has an echo in my own approach to writing. I was 25 when I sat down to try to write a novel. I had been writing poetry since I was 15, and it was a crossroads in my life in terms of trying to figure out what I was going to do. Eventually the question of ‘Can I write a novel?’ became irrelevant, and other questions came back even stronger, like, ‘What kind of novel do I want to write?’ ”

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