“A Case for Old-School Values in a Click-Driven Journalism Landscape”

From an article by Nicholas White on mediashift.org headlined “A Case for Old-School Values in a Click-Driven Journalism Landscape”:

We so often give readers less and less new information, re-packaging content into bite-size pieces that require little thought or analysis. We’re making them more facile with less information. At some point, we assumed the media-consuming public needed to be explained to, because that is what’s easiest to get people to click on. . . .

Ultimately, though it may generate clicks in the short term, pursuing such a strategy will undermine the digital business model as surely as the downgrading of journalism has undermined that of traditional media. If we peer past the oceans of snackable content, we can see clear evidence that people still want the same things from journalism that they always did. . . .

Publishers continue to chase the ever-elusive virality quotient and their readers reward them — by following the next viral hit to another site. Elevating the reader’s experience past listicles and recycled story bullets, but instead giving them engaging, enriching experiences, should be something we’re all striving for. It is possible to achieve both breadth and depth, qualities newspapers have achieved for over a century (the good ones at least). Snackable content has its place. But so do the full-course meals. Ultimately, the money is going to flow to those who can create those meals for readers at a scale.

Nicholas White is the co-founder and CEO of The Daily Dot.

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