Wes Pippert: “As a former reporter/editor/now reader, here are some gripes.”

Wes Pippert on Facebook—the longtime UPI journalist directed the Missouri School of Journalism’s Washington Program from 1989 to 2012.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not yearn for the good old days. But as a former reporter/editor/now regular reader, here are some gripes, recognizing that many of the lovers of the old days made the same mistakes:

• Re coverage of corona virus, especially by cables. The progressive-biased focus on number of deaths and new cases each day; the right wing often ignore the story. BUT SHOW THE SEVEN-DAY AVERAGE FOR DEATHS AND NEW CASES up high in the story. These have been showing a slight downward trend. Say so. (For the record, I think how Trump has handled this crisis is constitutionally close to a high crime and misdemeanor.)

• Include small maps in many more stories to help the reader know where the event is taking place. Like, who knows where Montenegro or Belarus is? Or, where in Iowa is Portland? Would also help younger readers learn some geography that many elementary schools no longer teach.

• Political writers should be careful in maligning Postmaster General DeJoy for being a political donor of the President. I don’t like what Trump/DeJoy have done either, but more than one Democratic president appointed the political party chairman to that Cabinet job. Say so.

• In every vote in the Senate and House, put the vote, including party breakdown, at least as high as the second pgh.

• Fran Leary, former UPI big deal, once ordered sports stories to include the name of the sport in the lead. He was right.

• In general, provide much more context. Many of the cable/network reporters often are covering only their first or second campaign, and it shows.

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