Sumner Redstone: “I don’t like all the articles you write.”

From Connecting, a newsletter written by Paul Stevens for current and former AP journalists:

Eric Quinones remembers Sumner Redstone:

When I was covering the media/entertainment business beat for AP in the late ’90s, I attended a few luncheon briefings hosted by Viacom and Time Warner to review their quarterly earnings reports.

At one such Viacom event, Sumner Redstone made a rare appearance and the various beat writers lined up to greet him at the behest of the company’s PR guy. Redstone gave me a quick hello and moved on to Phyllis Furman of the New York Daily News, who was standing to my left. After Phyllis introduced herself, Redstone paused for a moment, then scowled and said, “I don’t like all the articles you write.”

Phyllis, without missing a beat, replied, “I don’t like all the movies you make.”

Redstone’s stern face broke into a smile and he wagged his finger playfully at her before moving on to the next reporter.

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