Trump Clickbait in the New York Times and Washington Post

Today’s New York Times has five Trump headlines:

Trump Says He’ll Send Agents to Chicago and Other Cities
Trump Response on Poll Numbers: They’ve Been Wrong Before
Trump Denies Asking Envoy to Push for Golf Tournament
What If Trump Made Everyone Wear Masks?
No Shortage of Outrage Over Trump

In today’s Washington Post:

Fifteen Trump headlines in the A section including:

Trump stirs fears he won’t accept an election loss
Trump’s effort to ‘dominate’ cities risks bipartisan backlash
Trump brags about test that doesn’t mean what he thinks
Deployments, fiery speech expand gulf between Trump and Democratic mayors
Video brings Obama and Biden together to troll Trump
Senate poised to defy Trump’s veto with directive to change base names
In rosy briefing, Trump ignores thorns in nation’s side
No one helps China more than Trump
The first amendment in Trump’s America
Mr. Trump’s latest threat
The costs of the President’s corruption

In theĀ  Metro section:

Mask compliance under scrutiny at Trump hotel


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