The Wonderful Virtues of Well-Edited Newspapers

After going to bed last night depressed by the chaos on television and the emotional and often simplistic reactions on social media, it was almost calming this morning to open the Washington Post and read a wide range of stories that tried to make sense of it all and add some perspective.

The Post’s coverage of the mayhem in DC reflected a lot of good reporting and, more important, the result of editors trying to help readers make sense of it all. I’m lucky to be able to start every day by reading the Washington Post, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Some might call print newspapers an expensive habit but I’d gladly give away all the TV sets in the house to be able to continue reading the three great newspapers.

They reflect wonderful journalistic virtues increasingly hard to find elsewhere.
Top of page one headlines in the NYT and WSJ:


WSJ: Trump Calls for Force on Protests

Note: These were the top of page one headlines in the three newspapers delivered in DC. The NYTimes top of the front page headline in the early edition in New York City was “AS CHAOS SPREADS, TRUMP VOWS TO ‘END IT NOW'”, creating some pushback.

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