The Style Invitational: “If ignorance is bliss, why is Trump so cranky all the time?”

From the Washington Post’s “Style Invitational”—The Empress Pat Myers asked for stupid questions, especially relating to The Current Situation, but more timeless ones as well.

Some of the best:

If ignorance is bliss, why is Trump so cranky all the time? (Kevin Dopart)

“Anyone want to carpool over with me to the testing site?” (Bill Bouyer)

“Since you have to be on a ventilator for a month now, can I borrow your masks?” (Joe Neff)

“Hi, do you offer Zoom acupuncture?” (Sarah Walsh)

“A notorious multiple-bankruptcy con artist sent me a $1,200 ‘check.’ Should I call the FTC to report this obvious scam?” (Duncan Stevens)

“Officer, do you even know how to use that Taser?” (Stephen Dudzik)

Can you believe those greedy teachers, asking for raises after we’ve been doing their job for them all this time? (Josh Feldblyum)

“Are you wondering if those pants make you look fat?” (Kyle Hendrickson)

“Honey, with your promotion to inspector general, why don’t we buy a new house?” (Steve Smith)

“I’m teaching my children at home. Where do I call to get a substitute?” (Robyn Carlson)

Why is it that every time Anthony Fauci is asked to testify before Congress, a new disease appears in the United States? (David Kleinbard)

Pat Myers is editor and judge of The Style Invitational, The Washington Post’s page for clever, edgy humor and wordplay. In the role since December 2003, she has posted and judged more than 700 contests. She also writes the weekly Style Conversational column and runs the Style Invitational Devotees page on Facebook.


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