Watching a Trump-Like Character Tell Many Tall Tales

Albert Finney didn’t always tell the truth  in Big Fish.

“Big Fish” is a wonderful 2003 movie about a father who worked as a traveling salesman and liked to tell tall tales and his son, a wire service journalist estranged from his father, partly because of all the tall tales. It was based on the novel Big Fish: A Novel of of Mythic Proportions by Daniel Wallace.

The failed relationship between the untruthful father and journalist son has some echoes of the often angry estrangement between President Trump, also a teller of tall tales, and the Washington press corps—what are the facts?

The movie ends with the son, after a series of deathbed conversations with his father (played by the great British actor Albert Finney), seeming to understand and forgive and love him.

If President Trump leaves office next January, the press corps may miss hearing all the tall tales. But will there be any of the understanding or love or forgiveness shown by the journalist son in “Big Fish” to his often untruthful father?

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