Writers and coffee: “Drink up and be restored.”

From an essay by Dinah Lenney on LitHub titled “The Deep Metaphysical Power of a Good Cup of Coffee”:

Sitting upstairs on the stove is this morning’s coffee, lukewarm, waiting for me to decide that I’m ready to drink it as is, or just a bit cooler once I add a little milk; see, I’m not above adding milk to my coffee, or drinking an afternoon glass at room temp. In fact (did you know? I did not), it turns out that one of the joys of an excellent cup of coffee is to savor the taste as it cools. What I always thought? The first sip is the best; doesn’t get better than this. It turns out if you’re patient (don’t gulp!), if you cultivate those taste buds—a cup of coffee will get better and better, different-er and different-er; the upshot being that the very best coffee really is “good to the last drop”—good! delicious!. . .

And yet—it’s pretty hard to get it wrong, am I right? So (she shrugs, throws up her hands)—so: whatever else you shouldn’t do to your coffee, didn’t do to your coffee, the point is, if you want that leftover cup—if I do, anyway—well then, rules shmules! Coffee is personal, what did I say? Knock yourself out. Or, rather, go ahead: drink up and be restored. Thank you, I will.

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