Walter Issacson: “We weave information into narratives. We are storytellers.”

From the book Innovators by Walter Isaacson:

We humans can remain relevant in an era of cognitive computing because we are able to think differently, something that an algorithm, almost be definition, can’t master. We possess an imagination that brings together things, facts, ideas, conceptions in new, original, endless, every-varying combinations. We discern patterns  and appreciate their beauty. We weave information into narratives. We are storytellers as well as social animals.

Human creativity involves values, intentions, aesthetic judgments, emotions, personal consciousness, and a moral sense. These are what the arts and humanities teach us—and why those realms are as valuable a part of education as science, technology, engineering, and math. If we mortals are to uphold our end of the human-computer symbiosis, if we are to retain a role as the creative partners of our machines, we must continue to nurture the wellsprings of our imagination and originality and humanity. That is what we bring to the party.

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