Lorie Moore: How to Ignore Writer’s Block

From Literary Hub:

What time of day do you write?
Mornings due to coffee. It’s good to get the morning coffee on the page. Afternoon coffee is not the same. In fact, afternoon coffee might be tea.

How do you tackle writers block?
All these terms are a little alien to me. Tackle is very sporty. And I’m not sure I’ve had writer’s block per se. Nor am I convinced that if I had it trying to tackle it would be a good idea, even if I knew where and how to begin. Because I have a job and am a single head of household, my problem is simply not having the free time to write. My problems do not involve sitting at the desk twiddling my thumbs with something called “writer’s block.” Should one “tackle” writer’s block? Perhaps one should rope-a-dope it! Maybe knock it out of the park. Because what’s it doing there in the park anyway.

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received?
“Go back to your desk and work on this some more. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but something is.”

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