Life As a Magazine Editor: “The idea of travel seems, for now, undesirable, even frightening.”

This Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine features its annual spring  travel guide with the cover featuring “The Soul and Serendipity of India.” Also featured as places to go are Seoul, South Korea, and Lisbon, Portugal.

Ah, the curse of early deadlines faced by all magazine editors. You start planning the issue three months ahead and wrap it up two or three weeks before publication. Then you hope nothing big happens before publication. One time at the Washingtonian we had a very tough piece on a man who died a week before the magazine came out. It was hard to explain it to readers.

As Richard Just says in an Editor’s note on this Sunday Post Magazine contents page:

Traveling takes advance planning. So does the Travel issue. We commissioned these photo essays months before a new virus began spreading around the world—making the idea of travel seem, for now, undesirable, even frightening. But life will, at some point, return to normal. And when that happens, these destinations will once again be remarkable havens to consider as you plot future trips.

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