Learn About the Semicolon; It Has Much to Say

Winners of the 10th annual ACES National Grammar Day Tweeted Poetry Contest for poems about the semicolon:

Learn about the semicolon;
‘Tis a good thing to invest in.
It splits up independent clauses,
Not half your large intestine.
—Andy Hollandbeck—first place

An object pronoun contemplates
Its ever-nearing doom.
Increasingly it cogitates:
To whom or not to whom?
—Rob Reinalda—tied for second place

Munching on a lizard,
I looked over at my cat.
Beware of misplaced modifiers,
Or rethink your choice of snack
—Kathleen Butler—tied for second place

Steve stacked his style guide’s on his head,
The result was quite impressive,
A colleague pointed out with dread,
Guides shouldn’t be possessive
—Festus Plague—fourth place

When the written quotes have errors
That make you just say, “Ick,”
You have to note there are
Quotations that are [sic].
—Kathleen Butler—fifth place


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