If Toddlers Had Facebook

From iftoddlershadfacebook.tumrlr.com:

Emily Grace
Favorite things to do in a restaurant:
1. Stare at strangers without blinking until they get uncomfortable
2. Sit under the table
3. Not eat my $10 kid’s meal
4. Spill my water
5. Fill up on bread
6. Cry

Jason Kyle
A funny way to get escorted out of church nursery is to shout some of the words daddy uses in traffic.

Lacey Ann
Is Thanksgiving a real holiday or just an excuse to open a bottle of wine before noon? Asking for my mom LOL.

Johanna Emerson
I’ve spent more time in Target than in the library. At this rate I’ll be able to use the cartwheel app before I can do long division.

Timothy Ellis
Does she think I don’t notice how she puts me in the only clean corner of the house for Facebook photos?

Emily Grace
Not sure why someone who can’t make a pancake would attempt a pillowcase dress. I look like an idiot.


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