The New Yorker Sub Game: “Horse Trading in 2020”

January 8, 2020 update:
Ok. Called NY yesterday to renew. They said $150/yr. I said no fucking way. Then she said $89/yr. I said ok. Then she offered another 3 months for $12.50. I said ok again. So 15 months for $102.50. I called back today just wanting to round it up to two years; so another 9 months. I was thinking $40/$50 and I’d be good. She added on another full year for $40. So 27 months for $142.50 = $63/yr. I’m fine with that. Horse trading in 2020.
The New Yorker Sub Game: “What is this, a back alley Moroccan fabric bazaar?”
December 8, 2019

In 2017 I posted about “The Magazine Sub Game: How Does the New Yorker Play It?” and continue to get c0mments showing continuing reader frustration with the ever-changing price of a New Yorker subscription. Some recent comments:

Thank you all. I just called the 1-800 number. Quoted the $58 annual cost, which is the cheapest I could find online (Discount Magazines). New Yorker representative met the price for me and another I do as a gift. He was very polite. Seems they are getting this call a lot. I guess loyalty doesn’t really pay. Research does.

Here’s a tip: I called the 1-800 number to renew and told the rep. I was shocked at the annual subscription price hike. First she offered me last year’s rate of $119.99, and when I asked if there were any other deals, she offered me two years at $149.99 – using their renew for one year + one year gift subscription deal – but both subscriptions are for me, one year rolled after the other. Not bad!

Sure makes a difference who you get on the phone. Not much leeway, was only willing to go down to $119 so I canceled. I can read it at the library.

I am finished with The New Yorker magazine. Ever since the Conde-Nast sale the subscription renewal price has risen every year — this time 30% more than last year! Sure, we can scrounge around the discount websites and find better deals (and fill our email boxes with more trash as a result) or call the New Yorker subscription phone number, wade through recorded messages, pressing this then that then yet another key to get to a live person and then MAYBE negotiate a better deal. What is this, a back alley Moroccan fabric bazaar? What a bunch of horsesh*t. The New Yorker used to be a classy outfit that treated its long term subscribers with respect. Should that day ever return, I may reconsider my decision to drop my subscription.

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