“The moral of this book is to be generous and enjoy what you have.”

In A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens the weather is so cold and foggy that the water freezes in the pipes and the young boys slide down roads of snow and frozen ice.

A Christmas Carol is about a grumpy, selfish, melancholy old man called Scrooge who believes homeless people should go to prison or into workhouses. He hates Christmas and is not generous to anyone, even himself. One freezing cold night he is haunted by three Christmas ghosts. Will they change his life forever?

The book was written such a long time ago that Dickens’ writing looks and sounds funny, and some words mum couldn’t even read, but I could still understand most of it and I enjoyed it.

The moral of this book is to be generous at Christmas and enjoy what you have–and also spend time with friends and family.

I rate this book 8 out of 10 and recommend it to people who like to read classics.

—A review of A Christmas Carol written for the Guardian by a child named Kat Winter.

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