Sportswriting and Deadlines: “Boz, you’re killin’ me.” 

Tom Boswell.

From a November 4 online chat with Washington Post sportswriter Tom Boswell:

This was certainly not the most EXCITING World Series. There was one GREAT game–Game Six. Game Seven was close, tense and with a shocker of a finish. There have been better Game Sevens that went down to the last pitch–but it was a very good one.

Game One was heart-stoppingly close–not a “great” game but nerve wracking. And Game Two, until the Suzuki homer, was a 2-2 tie and, all in all, a good game. But Games Three, Four and Five in D.C. were so boring that MLB-TV isn’t even showing any of them in its rotation of 2-hour condensed versions of the post-season games. Everything else involving the Nats is on but it’s like those three games went up in smoke. (What was impressive was how “into” those games the Nats crowd was, trying to will a good game to break out.)

On the other hand, you can’t ask for a better thrilling game at Nats Park than the wildcard/wildcard game. My editors are still keeping–perhaps for blackmail purposes–my running game story on how the Nats season ended in defeat in the first game of the post-season. (You often have to write two columns simultaneously–a win and a loss–because you have to file your column before the last pitch, or within five minutes if it really is a last-pitch game. Then, maybe an hour later, you can do some touch-ups, writing and add quotes. If deadline fall right, it can be more like 75 minutes.)

One game I was having trouble with my “write-through” and was later than “requested.” All my very excellent and forbearing editor said when I called to make sure he had my copy was, “Boz, you’re killin’ me.”
h/t to Richard Mattersdorff for suggesting this as a post.

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