The Washington Post’s Style Invitational Has Fun With Halloween and Politics

In Week 1351 the Empress asked for ideas for timely and creative Halloween costumes or party ideas. Judging from many of the entries, we’ll predict that a lot of people will show up at your nerdier parties as a Republican congressional invertebrate: spineless, see, harharhar.

Some of the best entries:

Answer the door wearing a blue suit, white shirt and red tie, and tell the trick-or-treaters that you’ll be happy to give them some candy if they get you dirt on Joe Biden. (Hildy Zampella; Steve Smith, Potomac, Md.)

Buy a Native American costume, cut it into 1,024 pieces, and pin one of them on your blouse to go as Elizabeth Warren. (Jesse Frankovich)

Wear an orange wig, a red tie — and a bare belly where you’ve drawn on six-pack abs with a Sharpie. (Bob Kruger)

Put on a thin, revealing outfit with large holes that reveal way more than you intended, and go as a White House Phone Transcript. (Stephen Litterst, Newark, Del.)

Come as Lindsey Graham: Dress up as a cute little lap dog with a shiny brown nose. (Seth Tucker, Washington)

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