The Washington Post’s Style Invitational Asked for Zingy Neologisms and Word Puns

The Washington Post’s Style Invitational is a weekly feature that plays word games. In week 1347, Pat Myers, the empress of the feature, asked for “zingy neologisms and name puns” that answered a question::

Mediochre: Q. The color of the fifth-place ribbon.
Submitted by David Peckersky.

Genghis Cohen: Q. The most fearsome ruler ever to live, except for his mother.
Submitted by Mark Raffman.

Exersighs: Q. What you let out when touching your toes becomes touching your knees.
Submitted by Mark Raffman.

Humortician: Q. That oh-so-helpful comedy expert who analyzes why your joke wasn’t funny.
Submitted by both Neal Starkman and Jeff Contompasis.

Kindergartenerd: Q. “Spell ‘cat’? Would you give me the etymology, please?”
Submitted by Duncan Stevens.

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