Seven Things You Can Learn From an Old Dog

From Dave Barry’s 2019 book Lessons From Lucy: What a writer learned from his aging dog, who he says moves a little slower, but her capacity for joy, her enthusiasm for life, does not seem to have diminished with age.

Lesson One: Make new friends. (And keep the ones you have.)

Lesson Two: Don’t stop having fun. (And if you have stopped, start having fun again.)

Lesson Three: Pay attention to the people you love. (Not later. Right now.)

Lesson Four: Let go of your anger. (Unless it’s about something really important, which it almost never is.)

Lesson Five: Try not to judge people by their looks, and don’t obsess over your own.

Lesson Six: Don’t let your happiness depend on things; they don’t make you truly happy, and you’ll never have enough anyway.

Lesson Seven: Don’t lie unless you have a really good reason, which you probably don’t.

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