FYI President Trump: Washington Journalists Have Behaved This Way For a Long Time

  • “Washington journalists are like journalists anywhere else in the world, with this one exception: Washington journalists are bigger assholes. They’re pompous, self-centered, and narcissistic. They attach themselves to a few centralized sources the way suckers attach themselves to superior fish who can survive in the same sort of cold, isolated environments. They are almost universally smart, well-educated, and contemptuous of their fellow countrymen, and they like to be around people who are also smart, well-educated, and contemptuous. . . .It’s an incestuous group. We talk about term limits for Congress because we can see all the bad effects when a congressman has been in Washington thirty years. The same is true of reporters–they get to Washington and you cannot blast them out. They think they’re the center of the world. . . .This is not for attribution, and I mean really not for attribution. I don’t want a single fingerprint on this, no trace, nothing.”

    —From a longtime Washington reporter in a story, “Next, Kill All the Journalists,” in the May 1991 Washingtonian.


  1. And some are lazy as hell. How many times has TrumpNation author Tim O’Brien been dialed up as an easy quote on all things Trump? All reporters have their go-to sources, but this guy is like one of those constants built into physics equations: If there’s a story in the Post about Trump behavior, expect to see “…,” said Tim O’Brien.

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