What Will Headline Writers Call This Presidential Candidate?

John Hickenlooper, Former Colorado Governor, Declares Candidacy for President
—New York Times, March 4, 2019

When he was governor of Colorado, the Denver Post often called him “Hick” in headlines. Not so bad in Colorado but four years of a president of the United States called “Hick”?

If newspaper headline writers could pick the Democratic nominee, they’d vote for Biden, Brown, Castro, Harris, Booker, or Warren. At the bottom of the list would be Hickenlooper, Gillibrand, and Klobuchar.

In recent years, headline writers have been lucky: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama.

How did headline writers handle Eisenhower? They liked Ike. Roosevelt could be FDR. Kennedy was JFK. Johnson was LBJ. Could President John Wright Hickenlooper Jr.” just be JWH?

Big newspapers don’t like most of what President Trump does but the name does make for easy headlines.


  1. Richard Mattersdorff says

    Funny and substantive post!

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