A Vice President Who Would Have Loved Uber

My first official act as a private citizen after 8 years in public service….downloaded !


In 1968 I was a Congressional Fellow in the office of Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and after he lost the presidential election to Richard Nixon I helped him with some of his writing—mostly a weekly column that went to newspapers around the country.

He had been Vice President for four years and had learned to enjoy the benefits of Secret Service protection—including being driven everywhere.

Vice Presidents are allowed to keep their Secret Service protection for six months after leaving office, and in July  1969 I met with Mr. Vice President (we still called him that) about his next newspaper columns. He wasn’t his usual ebullient self. He said he was a little down because he was losing his Secret Service protection the next week.

It wasn’t so much that he feared for his life but that he now was going to have to drive his own car—and find a place to park. “And,” he added, “I’ll have to pick up my laundry and dry cleaning.”

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