A Typical President Trump Day in Washington Post Headlines

Few Americans believe Trump’s false claims

Never Trumpers in exile

In need of support, Trump is more isolated than ever

‘Stop’: GOP avoids discussing Trump’s legal woes

Flights of fantasy and a caravan of claims, 2018’s biggest Pinocchio’s, explained

The Trump falsehoods people are most and least likely to believe

Interior’s Zinke is latest to leave Trump’s Cabinet under investigative cloud

Inquiries threaten to control Trump’s 3rd year in office

Obama warned Trump against hiring Flynn

Is there anything Trump touches that isn’t corrupt?

Anti-Trump conservatives want to reverse the GOP’s destruction. But they helped light the fuse.

In the spirit of regifting, some tips to help you avoid making a gaffe like Trump’s

Editorial page cartoon: Policeman to Trump: “I think you may be headed to jail.” Trump: “I demand to see my lawyer.”

To go with a review of four-anti-Trump books, a picture shows President Trump looking asleep while sitting at his desk in the White House oval office. The caption: President Trump is the “embodiment of a culture that’s more Real Housewives and less Shining City on a Hill,” writes GOP Strategist Rick Wilson.

A Holiday parody in the weekly Style Invitational contest:

Sulking Donald Trump looked out
On a bleak November,
When world leaders stood about.
The Great War to remember.
Gently fell the rain that day,
On their solemn meeting.
In his room Trump choose to stay,
Eating steak and tweeting.

All the leaders gathered there
Called him out together.
“Does he think his precious hair
Won’t survive the weather?
Therefore, Mr. Trump, be sure,
You’ll look vain and snooty
If you let your prized coiffure
Keep you from your duty.”

Washington Post, Sunday, December 16. 2018

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