Clickbait of the Year Finalist: Slate Says George H.W. Bush’s Dog Is Too Dumb to Miss Him

After this photo of George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully, with the slug “Mission Complete,” went viral, Slate writer Ruth Graham made one of the great counter-narrative moves in the history of digital journalism with a piece headlined, “Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush.”

The key graf:

It’s wonderful for Bush that he had a trained service animal like Sully available to him in his last months. It’s a good thing that the dog is moving on to another gig where he can be helpful to other people (rather than becoming another Bush family pet). But it’s a bit demented to project soul-wrenching grief onto a dog’s decision to lie down in front of a casket. Is Sully “heroic” for learning to obey the human beings who taught him to perform certain tasks? Does the photo say anything special about this dog’s particular loyalty or judgment, or is he just … there?

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