Bernstein, Get Your Hands Off My Rolodex

No way, the woman said. And she outlasted Bernstein at ABC.

A few of her other comments:

“A lot of people in TV are getting eye surgery—the cosmetic kind.”

“In the hair business there’s a lot of talk about silicon.”

“You should do a good Kennedy Center Honors story.”

“So-and-so, wife of a prominent businessman, hired so-and-so as her ‘handler’ so she could make a bigger social splash. Ambitious Washingtonians increasingly hire handlers to help make them A-list people.”

“Ted Koppel is one of the city’s great control freaks.”

“I’m amazed at how much people in Washington now lie. They now do it without blinking.”

The lunch was in 1999 when a lot of journalism was done over the phone and a good Rolodex—full of unlisted telephone numbers— was valuable.

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