Is Rating Toddlers a Little Like Having to Rate Writers?

Yesterday’s post about rating writers suggested that editors being forced to give writers a written performance review isn’t much different from how Washington day care centers now give parents a review of how their one-year-olds are doing each day. A Washington journalist with a one-year-old in a DC day care center sends along the daily review she gets:

Nap News

Out like a light____ Bright eyed and bushy tailed_____A little sleepy____


Hungry as a horse_____Hungry as a bird_____Hungry as him/herself_____

Fun Facts

Your child especially like playing with______________________________

At circle today we read_____________________________

A song we sang______________________________

A skill your child practiced today was______________________________

Toddler Temperament

Your child’s mood was: ¬†Better than usual_____ Normal_____ Fussier than usual_____

One thing that made your child smile today was________________________________

One thing that made your child sad/frustrated today was_________________________
Editors might be tempted to think that the word writer often could be substituted for toddler. And on some days White House reporters might be tempted to use the form to describe President Trump’s day.

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