Signs of Protest on Tax Day: “If Brains Were Taxed, He’d Get a Refund”

By Mike Feinsilber

Something about Donald Trump—or maybe it is everything about Donald Trump—arouses the creative juices among his critics. On Tax Day, protesters marched to demonstrate their displeasure with Trump’s refusal to make public his tax returns.

Hand-lettered signs carried by demonstrators in a march from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial by way of the Trump Hotel and the IRS bore both anger and mockery. Some wanted revenge at the ballot box (“Flip the House 2018”) and some latched onto suspicions that a Russian connection underlies Trump’s refusal (“I Didn’t Order a White Russian” and “Can Trump Claim Putin as a Dependent?”). But most stuck to topic A (“Trump doesn’t Pay Taxes, Why Should We?”).

A sampling of the signs:

Hey Sleazy, Where Is Your 1040EZ?

Hiding Russian Cash?

Show Us the Rubles

Follow the Money

Follow the Rubles

If Brains Were Taxed, He’d Get a Refund

Trump Believes He’s Special
That’s Why His Prosecutor Needs to Be

What Are You Hiding, Comrade Trump?

Grab Him by the 1040

In response to Trump’s contention that the issue doesn’t have legs:

Yes, We Do Care Who You Are in Bed With

An appeal to conscience:

Be the Man
Your Grandkids
Think You Are

And a cry of despair:

I Hate When I Wake Up
In the Morning
And Donald Trump
Is Still President

Mike Feinsilber spent about a quarter century with UPI in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Harrisburg, Newark, New York, Saigon and Washington and about a quarter century with AP in Washington, with a spell as assistant bureau chief and a stint as writing coach.

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