We Aren’t the Story, says Renowned Political Analyst and Must-Follow Twitter and Television Personality Who’s Available to Make Speeches

Update 3/13/17: Chris Cillizza leaves journalism to join CNN. Will likely continue t0 tell working journalists they should do more reporting and less talking.


Media, under attack from Trump, needs to return to the fundamentals

—Head on Chris Cillizza’s column in today’s Washington Post.
Who is Chris Cillizza?

His Wikipedia page:

Christopher Michael “Chris” Cillizza (/sᵻˈlɪzə/; born February 20, 1976) is an American journalist and political commentator. He writes at The Fix, a daily political weblog for the Washington Post. He is a regular contributor to the Post on political issues, a frequent panelist on Meet the Press, and is an MSNBC political analyst. Cillizza is also a regular co-host on The Tony Kornheiser Show.

He’s on Twitter and his page says he has sent out 100K tweets and has 422K followers. His most recent tweet:


iTunes: http://wapo.st/Ciquizza

Stitcher: http://stitcher.com/podcast/the-washington-post/ciquizza-the-fix-podcast …

He has a podcast. It’s described this way:

Do you like game shows? Do you like politics? Whatever, you will LOVE The Ciquizza anyway. Each week the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza puts two supposedly smart guests to the test with questions on news, politics, entertainment. The winner will be covered in glory. The loser will be subject to public shaming. For real.

He’s available to make speeches. His booking agency, Leading Authorities, describes him this way:

Renowned Political Analyst and Writer for the Washington Post

Founder of the popular Washington Post political blog “The Fix”

Highly-respected political analyst and must-follow Twitter personality

Focuses on electoral politics and the personalities working publicly and behind-the-scenes to shift the balance of power in Washington

In today’s column, Cillizza says, “The best way to combat allegations—from the president and many of his supporters—that the media is ‘the enemy’ is to simply put our heads down and do our jobs. We aren’t the story. The story is the story.”


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