Tony Kornheiser Plays His 15th Round of Golf With the President

Mark Knoller, a White House correspondent for CBS and the unofficial chronicler of President Obama’s travels, says the President is playing golf today at Fort Belvoir, an Army post in suburban Virginia, with Tony Kornheiser, the former Washington Post sportswriter, now a talk show host at ESPN. Knoller says it’s the 15th time Obama has played golf with Kornheiser since becoming President.

It’s probably a relief for the President to play with someone he can talk sports, not politics, with. Golf Digest estimates Obama’s golf handicap at 17, which means he’d shoot around 90 for 18 holes. Kornheiser is a 15 handicap but his scores this spring have ranged from 92 to 101, suggesting Obama might win some money today while also talking Chicago White Sox baseball.
A scouting report on Tony Kornheiser’s golf game from someone who played with him several years ago:

“On a good day Tony shoots in the mid-80s, on a bad day in the mid-90s. He’s pretty relaxed on the course in contrast to his broadcasting partner Mike Wilbon, who’s wound tighter.

“Tony’s swing looks pretty good now,” says the sometime golfing partner. “When he started playing his backswing was slow and jerky, like he was swinging by the numbers. He now can hit 200-yard-plus drives; his weakness is chipping around the green. He plays quickly and is good humored when he duffs a shot. I suspect the President has a good time with him.”


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