Getting the Washington Post Free Online: How Complicated Can It Be?

By Jack Limpert

I like to start the day with a cup of coffee and the print version of the Washington Post. For delivery of the paper seven days a week, I pay the Post $235.32 every 24 weeks. My wife, who lives with her Kindles, iPads, and iPhones, points out that the Post, now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, offers free access to its website for six months. The unspoken question: Why pay for it when we can get it free?

I like reading the newspaper. After reading most of Sports and Metro, I scan the A-section and Style and even if I don’t read all the national and international news I scan enough of it to keep up.

My only complaint, other than wishing that Marty Baron would add some journalism to the Style section, or merge it with Metro, is that the Post delivery person throws the paper out by the street, often in the most inconvenient place possible. On rainy mornings like today, I have to be careful to avoid slipping on the wet lawn. Or getting soaked.

In the old days, when a neighborhood kid (her name was Nicole and she walked her paper route with a golden retriever) delivered the paper, she’d put it up by the door on rainy mornings. Now the paper gets tossed out of an SUV that flies down the street. Though the driver is nameless and faceless, it doesn’t stop the Post from annually suggesting I put a holiday tip in the enclosed envelope.

If the newspaper doesn’t get delivered, there’s a phone number I can call and they’ll take care of it. But I can’t remember the last time the paper didn’t come.

What about getting it free online? It that easy to do? I put the question into Google and got the Washington Post Help Desk. Why a help desk—it can’t be that complicated.

Here’s the link to what the Post offers online. And you can go to a Help Desk that can help you find answers to frequently asked questions. Such as:

What kind of subscription do I need to have unlimited content access?

What do I do if I am still having trouble accessing a game?

I am using the latest version of Flash, why am I still being asked to update?

Why are there scores on the leaderboard that are higher than today’s maximum score?

How is the content in The Washington Post App different from The Washington Post Classic App?

How can I read The Washington Post on my computer or device?

How do I navigate the new Washington Post app on my device?

How can I get the new Washington Post app on my phone or tablet?

How do I get free digital Washington Post access with my home delivery subscription to my local newspaper?

How do I know what sign in credentials to use to access my subscription?

When does my free six months of access begin and what happens when it ends?

Which newspapers does The Washington Post partner with to offer free digital subscriptions?

I have a subscription with a partner newspaper through my Kindle. How do I get my free Washington Post National Digital + D.C. Edition subscription?

I purchased a print subscription to my local newspaper and was offered a free Washington Post subscription. How do I redeem this offer?

How can I give a subscription as a gift?

My resume is active on your site but has not been viewed by any employers. What could be the problem?

How do I unsubscribe from Jobs at

If I purchase a subscription while still in my free trial period, when will my paid access start?

I purchased a subscription to The Washington Post through the Amazon App Store but my content is still blocked. Why?

I’m a subscriber, do I need to sign in to The Washington Post app?

How do I sign in to read articles?

Where is the Post Puzzler?

How do I contact Washington Post writers or editors?

Is Night Mode available on the Washington Post app for Kindle Fire?

How do I change the e-mail address that’s associated with my digital subscription?

Can I access my digital subscription on more than one computer, smartphone or tablet?

Can I share my digital subscription with other members of my household?

I get home delivery of the newspaper. Do I get unlimited access?

How can I change/cancel my temporary stop once it has been entered?

How can I subscribe to The Washington Post?

How do I report a delivery problem with my print newspaper?

Can I submit freelance work to The Washington Post?

I am a home delivery customer. How do I activate my unlimited digital access?

What is the cancellation and refund policy for a digital subscription?

What are your business hours when I can speak with a Customer Care Representative?

How do I change my e-mail address for newsletters?I’m having trouble understanding my newspaper bill.

Is it too late to stop delivery of tomorrow’s newspaper?

How do I link my print subscription account with my digital Washington Post profile?

Who can I contact with a question about my newspaper bill?

I’ve lost my password and can’t log in to my account. How do I request a new one?

How do I unsubscribe from e-mail newsletters/alerts?

I have recently moved. How can I change the address of my subscription?

Can I pay for my newspaper subscription online?

How do I update information on my Washington Post profile?

How do I change my user name?

How do I temporarily stop delivery of my newspaper?

Where is Settings located on the iPad app?

Where is My Post?

How do I refresh the content on The Washington Post iPad app?

How do I see yesterday’s paper on the Washington Post apps?

I like a particular comic strip. Can I favorite it within the iPad App?

Can I search for a story in the iPad App?

How can I see today’s Comics in the iPad app?

How do I sign up for or unsubscribe from breaking news alerts via push notifications in your apps?

How do I enable text to talk in the Washington Post app for Kindle Fire?

How do I make sure that e-mail from The Washington Post doesn’t go to my spam/junk folder?

How can I change my newsletter selections?

Why are my newsletters no longer being delivered?

How do I remove The Washington Post app from my Carousel on my Fire tablet?

How can I print, email, or share articles on The Washington Post web site?

How do I get a digital replica of the Print Edition?

How can I see the desktop web site on my smartphone or tablet?

How do I access The Washington Post on my mobile phone or mobile device?

How do I activate News Time on my Washington Post Android app?

Is there a difference between your phone and tablet apps?

How can I see today’s Comics in the tablet apps?

How do I change font sizes in the Washington Post app?

I am a subscriber. Why is my content access blocked?

How to submit an event listing to the Weekend/Going Out Guide section?

How do I send a letter to the editor?

How do I locate transcripts of past live chats?

How do I submit a question or comment to a live chat?

How do I get the Sunday Crossword online?

What software do I need to view multimedia on The Washington Post web site?

Where can I find the Sudoku puzzle from today’s newspaper?

I’m not currently a digital subscriber. What kind of content counts toward my monthly limit? Do I get access to anything?

How do I purchase a photo from The Washington Post?

I got an e-mail about a free Washington Post digital subscription with my local newspaper subscription, but when I click the link, I get an error. What do I do?

I have a subscription to The Washington Post on my Kindle, Nook or through e-Replica. Does this give me access to The Washington Post web site?

I am unable to view the comments on an article.

Why am I signed out of my account when I try to comment on an article?

Why aren’t my comments posting?

Is there a way to remove your own comments?

What is the cost of an online Job ad?

What is my monthly article limit on The Washington Post web site?

Why do I get only a limited number of articles free each month?

What if I don’t want to subscribe — can I still read The Washington Post web site for free?

I’ve unintentionally ignored another commenter. How do I undo this?

I have tried to reset my password, but the password that was e-mailed to me is not working. What should I do?

How many issues of the Kindle Edition of The Washington Post can I store from my Archived Items/Cloud? How many issues can I store on the Manage Your Kindle page?

How do I learn more about PostTV?

Where can I watch PostTV?

What shows are going to be on PostTV?

What is PostTV?

Who can I contact with further concerns about closed captioning?

Does The Washington Post offer closed captioning for its videos?

What are the Terms of Service for RSS feeds?

What is The Washington Post’s policy on content submissions?

How does The Washington Post use my personal information?

Do you have an education, group or corporate subscription program? Are there any subscription discounts?

I’m outside the United States. How will my subscription price be calculated?

Can I share the user name and password associated with my subscription?

Do comments count toward my monthly limit?

How can I keep track of how many articles I have read each month?

If I go back and read an article I’ve already read, will that count toward my monthly limit?

I’ve linked my digital and print accounts, but why can’t I manage my account profile and subscription information?

When I go on vacation, can I put my digital subscription on hold?

If I put my print delivery on a temporary stop, do I still get access to my digital subscription?

Where can I find the latest weather forecast on the iPad App?

Why do I see an ad or commercial prior to a video clip or photo gallery I’ve selected?

Do I need JavaScript in order to view multimedia?

What Internet connection speed is recommended for viewing multimedia on

How do I know if I have the Flash Player installed?

How do I increase the font size on the iPhone app?

How do I view my past comments?

Why did I start receiving “The Insider” e-mail newsletter?

How do I print a Puzzle from the web site?

Where is Play Four, Kakuro, and Mini Sudoku?

How do I play Sudoku?

Why did I just start receiving the Afternoon Buzz e-mail newsletter?

How can I comment on articles in the app?

When I click a link from an e-mail newsletter, I only see a blank page.

The game I want to play seems to load, but nothing happens. How can I start the game?

Sometimes a game doesn’t fit into my screen. How can I see the entire game without scrolling?

What time will you deliver the Sunday sections on Saturday?

What happens when I go offline or lose my Internet connection?

Is there a difference between the iPhone and iPad apps?

What do you do with my stored information?

How do I share stories through The Washington Post app?

How do I permanently cancel my newspaper subscription?

How are credits applied to my account?

Why are there advertisements in your paid app?

How do I get permission to reprint content from The Washington Post?

How to submit an event listing in Local Living?

I’m interested in advertising in Express. Whom should I contact?

When will my rental ad appear online?

How do I cancel my rental ad?

How can I contact Miss Manners?

Where can I find the Parade Magazine online?

How can I search for car ads online?

How do I know how to price my car? Do you have any pricing guidelines?

I posted an article, blog or paper from another website in the forums and now it is deleted. Why?

How can I search for apartments online?

I can’t find my car ad online. Whom can I contact?

I have a question for a live chat. I won’t be online during the scheduled chat time. Can I submit my question ahead of time?

How often is news updated on

Are the Wedding/Engagement Announcements found online?

How can I advertise on Real Estate?

How do I cancel my online real estate ad?

When will my real estate ad appear online?

How much does it cost to rent my place on

How much does it cost to place my car ad online? In the newspaper?

I cannot find my rental ad.

How do I submit a Letter to the Editor for Express?

How long will my rental ad appear online?

How do I get my event listed in Express?

I would like to sell my car online. Do you have examples of other car ads that I could browse?

What is in the newspaper that is not online?

How do I cancel my online car ad?

How do I become a Featured Realtor?

I’m having trouble viewing a video or online photo gallery.

Why does my real estate ad not have a photo or logo?

How do I find information on The Washington Post for my class project or interview?

How do I edit my online car ad?

How do I submit a book for review?

Do I need any special software to participate in a live chat discussion?

How much does it cost to place real estate print ad on

How do I submit a correction?

How do I submit an Engagement or Wedding Announcement?

How do I advertise with The Washington Post?

How can I place a real estate classified listing in the paper? And online?

How do I see a live chat in progress?

How do I place a Death Notice or Obituary?

How do I place a Classified ad?

How can I obtain back copies of the paper?

I received my paper damaged.

How do I submit an op-ed?

How do I submit a press release?

Where are the Classifieds?

Why are there two separate charges on my credit card statement?

I am purchasing a Jobs ad and I am receiving an error message saying you could not validate my credit card. Why?

I think I have a commercial advertising account with The Post, but I don’t know the account number. What should I do?

How do I renew an online ad?

Can I reactivate an online ad that has been deactivated?

Will making changes to my newspaper ad result in additional charges?

How do I edit my newspaper ad?

How do I purchase an online ad that I have saved?

Is there a discount for Advertising Agencies?

Why do I get an error when trying to preview my online ad?

How do I add a company logo to my online listing?

What if I want to place several ads? What are Job Packs? Do I save if I buy more than one listing at a time?

I’m already registered with Will my user name and/or password work on

How do I edit my online ad?

What if my Job is not Approved?

When will my card/account be charged for my Jobs ad?

I can’t find my online ad.

How do I purchase an online ad that has already expired?

How can I post an ad in Express?

Can I save an online ad that I want to purchase at a later time?

Will making changes to my online ad result in additional charges?

How do I post a blind ad online to keep my company name confidential?

How do I place an online ad?

Which credit cards can I use to pay for my Classified ad?

How do I deactivate an ad?

I do not have a Washington Post Billing Account for my Jobs Ad, what are the different payment options?

Do you have any tips to help me get the most from my job listing?

Can I see how many people have viewed/responded to my online ad?

I am registered as an Employer, but forgot my username and/or password. How can I retrieve this information?

How can I search your database of job seekers?

I placed a job listing in The Washington Post and the information in the online version of the listing is incorrect. How can I make changes?

How can I change the posted date of my listing?

How long does it take for the ad to appear on the website once it is purchased?

If I place an ad in the newspaper, will it automatically go online?

How can I get a copy of my receipt/invoice for my Jobs ad?

Who do I contact regarding billing questions for my Jobs Ad?

How long are ads stored in the system?

I have a Washington Post account, but don’t know the billing password.

How do I place an ad to run both online and in the newspaper?

How do I place a Jobs ad to run in the newspaper?

What is the purchase order number? Is it required?

Why won’t the system accept my email address?

What does “wrapped” mean?I have saved search agent results in my inbox, and now they are gone. Is there any way to get them back?

I keep getting an error about “Duplicate value of email address” when I try to register.

Will my information be sold to any Third Parties?

How do I change the frequency of my search agent email?

What does “Security Clearance” mean?

I am not receiving the email with my new username and password.

How can I find a newspaper listing online?

What is the difference between an “Active” and an “Inactive” resume?

Can I get further contact information about an employer?

What is the difference between a “Public” and a “Private” Profile?

How do I change my current job seeker password?

How do I renew my search agent?

How do I delete a Search Agent?

How can I locate my job seeker user name or password?

How can I make changes to my online resume?

How do I cancel or reduce the volume of emails I receive from Jobs at


  1. Paul Chernoff says

    So, did you get the free online subscription?

    My current Post delivery person is almost perfect. Most days the Post is at my front door before I have my breakfast. But not perfect, when cutting down some fauna in front of my house I discovered a couple of issue.

    To cut my living expenses I called the Post to cancel my subscription. They offered to convert my current subscription to the Sunday only price of around $160/year, but to still deliver the paper 7 days a week. I took them up on it so I’ll continue getting a paper copy until next summer.

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