No Matter How Much It Hurts I Still Love Reading the Morning Paper

By Jack Limpert

For many years I’ve started the day with a cup of coffee and the Washington Post. The coffee with a little cream and sugar seems comforting as I open the paper.

Heads in today’s A section:

The Mood in Athens: A new stage in a long economic crisis

Rout shows weaknesses of ISIS, and U.S. strategy

At Trump site, immigrant workers wary

Suspected killer’s release stokes immigration debate

Super PACs’ role grows even larger

Mexican military kills 6 near U.S. border

Offensive exposes U.S. strategy flaws

Iraqi jet accidentally bombs Baghdad residences

Iran talks hit potential snag over arms embargo

Fewer health insurers, higher premiums?

As Athens awaits next steps, many say they have little left to lose

Some drinks will get pricier at Starbucks
Usually the most relaxed way to start the day is to begin with the Post sports section. The three stories on the front page of sports:

In defeat, Nats face a couple more losses

McIlroy’s ankle injury could nip this rivalry

Heavy mental

The “Heavy mental” story? It’s page one’s biggest head and it’s on a Sally Jenkins column that begins: “It was psychodrama day at Wimbledon, and the All England club was not a therapy couch. There were the insecure and the threatened, and then there were the winners, and they were the ones who hushed up and jammed their doubts down into the subconscious…”
The head on the top of the front page of the Style section:

In 2005, Bill Cosby admitted seeking drugs to give to women

Underneath that:

Two veterans, taking care of each other after war’s toll
On to the Metro section:

Suspect held in Metro slaying

A high price to play: Parents and kids expect more from parks, driving up costs across the region

2,369 rape kits in Va. untested, audit finds

Turning to the obits and the most entertaining story in today’s paper was about the death of Burt Shavitz. The head: “Co-founder of skin care company, became the face of Burt’s Bees.”

The obit said Shavitz had fled New York City and was living in upstate New York with a bee hive when a chance meeting led to the creation of the Burt’s Bees skin care company and a $177 million payday for Shavitz when the company was bought out by Clorox.
I’m friends with a pharmacist who always is telling me how surprised she is at the number of tranquilizers and sleeping pills she dispenses at her Washington D.C. drugstore. Could starting the day by reading the Washington Post be a contributing factor?

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