Ed Kosner Isn’t Impressed With the “New” New York Times Magazine

The new Times magazine seems to have been conceived by the marketing department rather than any editorial sensibility. The huge investment in glossy paper stock suggests the target audience isn’t readers but luxury-product advertisers.

The articles and upfront elements seem like filler designed not to offend anyone—or distract from the ads. I haven’t found anything worth reading in the first issues. And the Sunday crossword, which was dumbed down a couple of years ago, depends every week on a generally simple-minded gimmick that is easily mastered.

Even the marketing impulse seems misguided: If the new mag succeeds, it will be sucking ads from the “T” supplements, one of the few successful products the paper has come up with in the new century.
Ed Kosner was editor of Newsweek, Esquire, New York, and the New York Daily News—he first posted this comment on Facebook.

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