Mrs. Obama, You Can Take the Candy Bars Out of Our Vending Machines But…

By Jack Limpert

Jim Warren of the New York Daily News wrote today about “the Obama administration’s dramatic new rules on posting calorie counts on menus all over the place, from chain restaurants to movie theaters and vending machines.” He says the Food and Drug Administration has surprised even some health activists “with bold and sweeping rules to deal with our obesity epidemic.”

Included in the new FDA rules is the removal of candy bars from school vending machines. Over Thanksgiving dinner yesterday we heard an update on how the candy bar ban is working out in Prince George’s County, a DC-area school district about six miles from the White House:

A young woman who is teaching in the Prince George’s County schools says candy bars were removed from her high school’s vending machines and replaced with healthier alternatives—none of which the students much liked. So one student went to a supermarket, bought dozens of the candy bars most popular with his fellow students, filled a backpack with the banned candy bars, and sold them at school. The candy bars were so popular that the teacher had to stop candy bar sales in the classroom but that didn’t stop the young entrepreneur from doing a booming business in the school’s hallways.



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