Why Old Editors Love Paid Circulation

By Jack Limpert

If the two most important things an editor brings to the table are a boredom detector and a bullshit detector, then paid circulation is the best way to measure how well the editor is doing. When the reader has to commit time and money, that separates real journalism from all the must-read hype that’s out there.

It’s why I happily wrote a check this week for $99.99 for two years of the New Yorker and continue to pay $60 a month for the New York Times and $30 a month for the Washington Post.

Here’s to great reporting and writing, more good journalism jobs, higher subscription prices, and bigger paywalls.







  1. This is all fine for those who can afford it. But many of us who would love to subscribe cannot afford to and have to content ourselves with paying less, and getting less, by subscribing only to the online versions. As much as we view this to be a necessity in our lives, paying the rent and buying food seem to take precedence, as well as the all-too-necessary access to the Internet.

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